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For 30 years, Mondial Budella has been the top choice for international excellence in casings. Our reliability has connected the world through impeccable products.

I've been a customer for years and have never had any issues. The quality has always been excellent.

Impeccable service. I am satisfied.

My trusted supplier for casings for years. Their dedication to quality is unmatched.

Unbeatable quality-price ratio. I have never found products this authentic at this price.

Customer service exceeds expectations. Professional, courteous, and always ready to meet requests.

Mondial Budella is my choice for uncompromising quality. Every purchase is an investment in culinary perfection.

As a chef, the quality of ingredients is crucial. Mondial Budella is my secret resource for high-end casings.

Total satisfaction with every order. Recommended for those seeking authenticity and freshness.

The quality far exceeds every expectation. A true pleasure doing business with you.

Attention to quality and craftsmanship details make Mondial Budella the reference point for charcuterie enthusiasts. I couldn't be more satisfied.

The Heart of Mondial Budella - Excellence in Sheep and Beef Products

Discover Mondial Budella' expertise in providing high-quality products efficiently to both small-medium delicatessens and large distributors. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we consistently strive to exceed customer expectations. Explore our range and experience the authenticity and craftsmanship that only Mondial Budella can offer, ensuring efficient and cutting-edge production.

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Explore our range of products designed to elevate the art of charcuterie.

From sheep and beef casings, combining tradition and authenticity, to aromatic spices that give a unique character to your cured meats. The unmistakable quality of our products tells the story of three decades of passion, offering the best tailored to your needs.

Sheep Casings

These are natural casings, characterized by a thin and delicate texture, perfect for stuffing small-sized sausages.

Beef Casings

They are characterized by a very thick texture. These natural casings are used for stuffing both raw and cooked cured meats such as salami and cotechini.


Our spices bring unique aromas from distant lands, offering a special touch to every dish for an extraordinary culinary experience.

Twines and Accessories

Discover our cords for sausages, made with premium materials for secure and durable tying. Easy to use and ideal for artisans and enthusiasts, our cords are the perfect complement for creating quality sausages.

Mondial Budella is Expanding!

The Lebanon branch complements the production chain of Mondial Budella, adding to the headquarters in Italy. The material arrives in Lebanon, where it is selected, processed, and then shipped to Italy. Afterward, it is ready to be sold worldwide.


Mondial News

We are always keeping pace with the changes that characterize our world. We want to share our experience in this field and the challenges we face every day with our professionalism and expertise.

Apre una nuova sede a Beirut per Mondial Budella, si chama M.B.N. CASING SARL

Mondial Budella si espande: una nuova sede a Beirut

Apre una nuova sede a Beirut per Mondial Budella, si chama M.B.N. CASING SARL

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